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Male and Female Differences

Two pieces of the puzzleI hesitate to make broad generalizations about the differences between the sexes because there are so many exceptions to the rule, but there are patterns that occur with enough frequency that they are worth noting. When people are experiencing difficulties in their personal lives, they tend to get their needs met in one of two dysfunctional ways that represent opposite ends of a continuum. On one end are those individuals who place the needs of others in front of their own. The majority of people on this side of the continuum are women. They fall into the trap of believing that, if their loved ones are happy, then they will find happiness themselves and that their partners will reciprocate the love and attention that was bestowed upon them. The problem is that this love and attention is often not reciprocated. They are often taken advantage of in their relationships and in the extreme become victims.

The other end of the continuum, which is comprised mostly of men, contains those individuals who see to it their needs and wishes are met regardless of the consequences this has on others. These people will knowingly, or often not knowingly, take advantage of others in order to get their way. This tendency to put their own needs first can become selfish and self-centered and even abusive in the extreme.

My goal is to assist people at both ends of this continuum find a happy medium. I help the women who have the potential of being victimized develop better ways of getting their own needs met and to become equipped to protect themselves from the selfishness of their husbands or boyfriends. Concerning the men who operate in a self-centered or abusive manner, I help them develop a more sensitive and respectful way of interacting with their wives or girlfriends and learn more self-control and patience in response to their own needs.